Agitations In Zimbabwe Due To Insufficient Fuel Supply


There have been an on gong crisis in  Zimbabwe due to insufficient fuel supply, the locals and motorist  have expressed their annoyance and disappointment due to the inability of the government  to provide enough fuel and the fact they have to stay at filling station for long period of time waiting to get fuel.

According to reports given, it was stated that the ministers affirms that country has enough stocks to last the next 18 months but the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has not been releasing the foreign currency required to pay suppliers. However some claim that government wants them to buy commodities using forex while the governments pay in bond notes. The agitation of getting fuel is increasing day by day because the citizens thought that the problem would have been resolved and cabinet finance minister Mthuli Ncube appealed for patience.

Moreover, the finance minister urged for more patience and it is within the government power to tackle the problem at hand. He went further by saying they are increasing enough forex for fuel  to avoid futuristically problems.

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